What is Batrix Financials?

Batrix is the future of banking. We combine lifestyle services with traditional banking methods and the cryptocurrency world to combine all their benefits in one blockchain lifestyle banking platform.

Using leading blockchain technology, Batrix offers the ultimate protection in online banking, which is an essential element during the time of high risks in cybersecurity, making sure your investments are protected.

By making use of blockchain banking technology, Batrix provides all customers with the highest levels of protection. This is essential considering today’s risks circling the cryptocurrency world. Instead, make sure your investments are protected with Batrix.

Batrix offers account services, combined with a variety of lifestyle services and membership rewards.

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Secure Mobile App & Wallet

The Batrix platform is programmed from the ground up. Using leading blockchain banking technology we have made our infrastructure scalable, fast, secure, and adaptable. This enables our systems to keep up with the fast-paced financial and lifestyle industry and its needs.


The blockchain’s decentralized banking allows its network to take over from governments and other verification control. All validation is completed on the blockchain banking network.

Secure Mobile App

Our secure mobile app has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, allowing users to manage both fiat and crypto from one accessible place.

Exchange Platform

Batrix will partner with a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform for major digital assets & cryptocurrencies.

Fast & Secure

The integrity of the data passing through the network is verified, controlled, recorded and shared. Thus, ensuring no fraudulent activity occurs.

Secure Mobile Wallet

Batrix takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously; we offer a secure mobile blockchain wallet as part of our service.

Built-in AI

Our built-in artificial intelligence function, aids users to build their crypto wealth more efficiently by providing trading tips and advice.


Batrix Mobile Pay & App

You’ll get everything you’d expect from a current account, but with additional features included to adapt to your on-the-go lifestyle; this includes insights on spending habits, granular and flexible card security, zero spending fees abroad, and exceptional 24/7 customer support. That’s only the beginning…

  • Spending insights are a great way for you to gain a clearer picture of your spending trends and to identify the areas where you spend the most.
  • Expenses are instantly viewable on your statement and you will receive notifications of any incomings and outgoings in real time.
  • Our mobile application is compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay on a plethora of devices and wearable technologies.

Batrix Mobile Wallet


Manage your Portfolio

Buy, sell, and track popular digital currencies from one convenient location


Add/Withdraw Digital Money

Using the Batrix wallet, you’ll be able to add or withdraw digital currencies effortlessly


Vault protection

For additional security, you can store your funds in a vault with time delayed withdrawals.

Fully Fledged Banking


Current / Saving Accounts

Subject to status, if you have a mobile phone, you will be offered a fully-fledged current account.

Low Commission Transaction

Our current accounts will offer free domestic transactions, as well as multi-currency international transfers at competitive rates.

Lifestyle Services

One of our most unique components is our global reach of offered lifestyle service, through our many partnerships.


Our current accounts will cater for direct debit services and standing order requests, as standard.


Our partnership with exchange & trading platforms will offer a facility to our users so they can buy, sell and expand their wealth


Our banking facilities will include credit cards with balance transfers, money transfers, and purchases all at very reasonable rates.


Our members and customers will be able to take advantage of a complementary digital currency wallet in order to manage their crypto wealth easily.


Our current account holders will have access to a traditional debit card which is accepted globally and can be managed from our app.


Batrix operates 24/7 customer service globally, giving you help & support at your fingertips, around the clock!

Batrix Benefits

Exclusive Members Services

Our exclusive members will gain exclusive access to an array of services designed to give them the ultimate banking experience.

Basic Package

€5000 Min Account Deposit
  • Black Debit Card
  • Black Credit Card
  • Exclusive Access
  • 10% Loyalty Reward

Silver Package

€25,000 Min Account Deposit

All Basic Account Features plus:

  • Credit Card
  • Trading & Asset Management
  • 20% Loyalty Reward

Gold Package

€100,000 Min Account Deposit

All Silver Account Features Plus:

  • Personalised Card
  • The Retreat
  • Concierge Service
  • 30% Loyalty Rewards

Platinum Package

€300,000 Min Account Deposit

All Gold Account Features Plus:

  • Exclusive PA
  • 40% Loyalty Reward


Service Comparison

The following table shows how Batrix compares to other crypto platforms and traditional banks.

Service Batrix Platform Other Crypto Platforms Traditional Banks
Black Prepaid Card X X
Black Debit Card X X
Black Credit Card X
Fiat Account
Secure Crypto Wallet X
Lifestyle Services X X
Secure Mobile App
Liquidation of Crypto Assets X X
Wealth Asset Manager X
AI Trading Platform X X
Luxury Concierge Service X
Exclusive Events Access X X

Frequently Asked Questions

Batrix aims to become a fully-fledged mobile-only bank, for anyone with a mobile phone, looking to manage and grow their assets from one app whilst having access to a range of luxury banking services as well as exclusive benefits.

Batrix platform will provide liquidity of crypto assets, which will help overcome the major issue in the industry. Batrix aims to serve the driven growing upper middle class, by creating a community of these driven, entrepreneurial individuals who strive to reach their best lifestyle and beyond what a decentralized economy has mandated. Batrix will support this community by providing them with exclusive services from finance to mind and body.

The XBX token can be used as a payment method to receive discounts on banking and card issuing fees, as well as on services and products from our exclusive partnerships. Making XBX the first token to be used to make payments to merchants using our API.

Tokens will be transferable one week after the ICO is closed.

The soft cap is €4,000,000 and the hard cap is €40,000,000.

Unfortunately, due to legal and regulatory uncertainty in the USA, US citizens and residents are prohibited from making contributions and participating in the Batrix (XBX) token sale. Moreover, the sanction jurisdictions Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba.

Each XBX is valued at €0.40

All unsold tokens will be burnt.

Please refer to our Github account.

We accept both Cryptocurrency and Fiat as methods of investments. Please see below for the currencies that we accept.

Cryptocurrency: BTC – ETH

Fiat: Euro only

For Fiat money, we can only accept payment by bank transfer. Those interested in investing via Euro will receive our bank account details individually.

If you ever need any help with our products or services, please contact us via one of the following methods:

Via our live chat facility.

You can also always contact us via phone and one of our friendly advisors will be able to answers your queries.

Yes, registration and KYC are mandatory to be eligible to participate in our ICO.

If you were too late to buy XBX tokens during the token sale, you’ll be able to do this on the open market which will appear in the near future without Batrix’s direct involvement.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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